You gotta bigass forehead.
Billybob: Man Joebob, you got you a Tyra Banks!
Joebob: Well yo momma got her a Rihanna.
Billybob: My momma does not a have a big forehead!
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007
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Oprah's long lost sister that has a god like complex and hosts the ever popular reality show "America's Next Top Model." At times she remains sophisticated but if you watch her closely she will expose her ghettoness and start talking about her badonkadonk.
Tyra Banks: Now the picture will reveal who will become (suspenseful pause that causes models to pee in their pants) AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL
by Natalie K December 04, 2005
An American supermodel with lovely brown skin. Some may say that she has a big forehead but she is a gorgeous woman.
This white boy loves Tyra, Naomi, Foxy Brown, etc. etc. etc.

Have you ever seen her in one of those Victoria's Secret ads? She is fine! What the are you talking about "big forehead"?! Shut up!
by Paris A. January 18, 2004
The host of America's Next Top Model, who is attractive, funny and outside of her fucking mind.
Tyra Banks "I was rooting for you...WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!"
by Mister Pickle Bag March 09, 2006
Conceited, self-centered, self-absored African American supermodel with an extreme ghetto-licious side to her.


"You rollin' your eyes actin' like it's because you've heard it all before!"
Gurl, did you see Jenise just get bitched out by Latonya? She went Tyra Banks on her ass!
by Scarlet Renoux April 27, 2008
a beautiful woman, no doubt.
a singer...forget it!!!
Tyra looked hot at the VS angels runway show, but she reminds me of a black Britny Spears in her "America's Top Model" music video
by Meghan February 24, 2004
Surprisingly naive model/talk show host. Embarrassed herself trying to ilicit an apology from Naomi Campbell on the 'Tyra' show for supposedly being rude to her about 15 years ago. Tyra also suggested that Naomi was in part responsible for her retirement from modelling.
Tyra Banks can be quite silly
by sylvy September 23, 2006
Was quite the expensive and famous model,who is best known for working for Victoria's Secret,before retiring.Is admired,loved,and adored by many people from all walks of life.My mother is not one of those people.My mother has met Tyra...says she is quite snobby/snotty/passive/etc.,etc.
Let me tell you guys,my mom isn't a liar.
I mean,she may look very nice on tv,but so do lots of other celebrities that act like bitches.
Smart Person:Tyra Banks doesn't really deserve an example does she?
Uninformed Person:YEAH SHE DOES!!!
Stupid Person:What?
by Irene The Green String Bean April 17, 2006
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