A noun to describe an aspiring model who has a beautiful face, but doesn't have a modelesque body to go along with it. Therefore that person is a "Tyra Banks!"
Aspiring Model: "How do you like my portfolio?"

Modeling Agency: "The photos are great...you're very
photogenic....bodywise you are a
Tyra Banks. I would suggest coming
back to see us after you have dropped
at least twenty pounds."
by nothinagainstfatppl May 24, 2008
High priced black supermodel, Victoria's Secret, SI swimsuit issue, etc.
Doesn't Tyra know that too much activator eats up yo hair???
Obviously not!! Check out her huge forhead!
by ebony luvr July 16, 2003
A sexy black supermodel that won the "Americas Top Model". She now hosts a show named "Tyra" and also sings and acts.
Tyra Banks is mad hot.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
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