A pun, or play on words, who's prefix refers to "typo"s, which are spelling mistakes commonly made by men typing too quickly with their non-dominant hand while at the same time masturbating vigerously with the other to pictures of mildly attractive underage girls on myspace, and suffix "nese" derived from the usual suffix of foreign language use in english (i.e. "Japanese"), widely renowned in the internet community as the most clever-and-condescending joke they can tell first-time female chatters, (truely, their most important prey) while concurrently giving themselves a gential rug burn.
boy: hey sup
girl: wuta up
girl: wuts*
boy: you dont have to correct yourself, i speak fluent typonese ;)
boy: what are you wearing
girl: ur a loser. Peece.
boy: wtf?
--ERROR-- "girl" has signed off or is not available for chat. --
by Yair Tal April 22, 2007
Top Definition
1994 EFnet IRC.

An emerging language related most specifically to RT (real time) chatters on IRC (or other related chat rooms) which a Keyboard is used for communication thus replacing spoken language. Errors in correct spelling and grammar result in combinations of shorthand and misspelled words. The result is the language better known as typonese.
Using the word in a sentence:

You don't have to worry about correcting yourself. I speak fluent typonese.
by R. Andrews January 03, 2004
The annoying tendency for tyographical errors to increase in direct proportion to the amount of time spent typing.
no prolem we all read typonese.
by Katherine Ellison January 29, 2003
Typonese: Contagious outbreak that causes you and the people around you to have major typos. --NoCureFoundAtThisTime.
Person 1: Omg.. I jsut can't stop laughing kikk
Person 2: Just*** loll*
Person 1: LOL typonese -.-
by Defenity69 December 23, 2012
Internet language, I started calling it that in the 80's.
Hey I understand typonese, been on the computer before it went WWW
by Typoneseer December 02, 2010
the act of understanding what a person means to write instead of what they actually write
Typonese is the art of translating teh into the or pwned into owned.
I am fluent in typonese.

by ssnmg July 03, 2007
the language of slip in typing known as typos

First seen used on paltalk for a word to describe the typos people make
"I swearrr my Typonese is comming out againn"
by Flyingfsh January 20, 2010
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