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Symptoms indicate: LOVEING starbucks, Scared Of Everything and freaks about anything,All Super Fake, The second that interaction is over, they’re going to turn around and talk shit about each other in a second. think their "Typical white girl problems" are actual problems they like Taylor Swift, all that shit, suburban white girls love it. watch a movies with their friends while complaining that they’re single. Talks and texts using shorter things like "U" "2" "ttyl" "ILU" "OMG" and is ALWAYS self centered and flips her hair. Always asking about her appearance. AND last but not Least WHINES ALOT! WARNING IF YOU KNOW A TYPICAL SUBURBAN WHITE GIRL THAT HAS THESE SYMPTOMS THEIR MOST LIKELY STUPID TO, IF IF YOU HAVE ONE CALL 1-800-WHITEGIRL FOR HELP NOW.
"Can you come to the bathroom with me?"
"Want to go to Starbucks?"
"Ok SO I have a huge problem. My boyfriend just broke up with me and She's Talking shit."

"OMG I love this pic! INstagram!, Omg I have to go ttyl! UGh that ugly whore."
"Omg I can't belive I've been single this long I mean, Im way more pretty than any of the boys girlfriends UGH *Hair Flip*

what anyone else would say:
"WOW. She sure is a typical suburban white girl alright"
by YourMyBitch June 01, 2014
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