a large whirlwind, hurricane, et cetera
The typhoon caused much destruction in TOKYO.
Top Definition
The act of receiving fellatio, and causing the giver to laugh right as one orgasms, making semen come out the giver's nose.
I sucked his dick last night and he gave me such a typhoon, my nose still stings a little from it.
by jeff January 23, 2005
A man puts on three strapons, one facing behind, one facing left and one facing right, then gets 4 women and has sexual relations with them all at the same time by doing a circular motion with his hips.
Bro i totally typhooned this mom and her daughters last night.
by Phooner July 28, 2011
An internet troll called Liam.
The hacker on steroids.
A member with 'Legendary' status on Voide.org
The idiot who spread the Cutenews 4.0.1 exploit.
'Hello - I am Typhoon and I will root your box'
by M4ST3RM4G1C October 23, 2009
a big boss in a district
he is a typhoon in hongkong
by Njoy September 17, 2012
Filling up a large garbage bin/can and leaning it up against someone's door so when the door opens inward, the water flows out all over the persons room and stuff
We typhooned Paul's room so bad all of his stuff was soaked.
by Chris Keenan June 21, 2006
Fastest production SUV ever!
Why would GMC give their SUV the name of a tropical storm?

Because the Typhoon destroys anything it comes up against....
by Red_Turbo February 08, 2010
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