a small town where everybody knows everybody. full of rich lil snobby preppy kids or wannabe gansters that either drink alot and/ or smoke weed bcuz there really isnt anything else to do there. sheltered and everyone has a "click" if your one of the few who is poor or different youll probably end up killing yourself after all the torment. the "ghetto" is by the lake which really isnt a ghetto at all. By far the worst place to bring your kids up in. for a hoity toity place the school system sucks. the "ghetto" girls all go to lowell and hook up with random guys by 12.
kid 1: where you live?
kid 2: tyngsboro
kid 1: oh the mall?
by annoynumous53458985989 August 07, 2011
Top Definition
A small town in massachusetts. Lots of preps and thugs, bust mostly every kid smokes trees that i have ever met from tyngsboro.
Lets go to tyngsboro to smoke an L and tag some biddies. THE BORO
by p-dizzo February 26, 2006
A small town in the woods of northeastern Massachusetts, bordering New Hampshire. A strange mix of preps, townies, and everything in between. Strangely enough, it lacks a town center, but makes up for it with bizzarre "landmarks" including local stores and various "pits" in the woods.

Tyngsboro High School is known for producing quality athletes and varsity teams which are annual powerhouses in most sports.

"We'll be in New Hampshire in a minute. We're on route three and we just passed the Tyngsboro exit."
by lowell sun June 16, 2007
a small town boardering Nashua,Nh. Every body is jelous of tyngsboro because they hav a amazing theater program and a extremely well known football team.
mostlly made up of preps and gansters.
tyngsboro has the best theater program ever they have won 5 gold medal state compitions in a row! wow no wonder everyone is jelous of them.!
by BORO-MAN May 04, 2008
1.a lame ass hick town in Northern Central Massachusetts filled with preppy dumbass jocks, obnoxious musical theatre kids, and wannabe ghetto losers

2.a shitty place to live, that everyone wants to leave, but probably never will

3.the world capitol of mediocracy
Tyngsboro fucking sucks ass.
by Ann Onymus February 04, 2006
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