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A really slick male that everyone thinks would kick someones ass in anything. A tynan is especially creative when it comes to shutting another person down.
Guy: Dude don't mess wth that guy he's a tynan.
by Jesus Christ. January 19, 2008
A very sweet charming man who I love very much. He means a lot and is always there when you need him. Always listens and has a great sense of humor. Although at first he can be cautious, he can tell who he can trust and usually makes the right decisions. Switches schools a lot and doesnt think that highly of himself, even though he is amazing, loving, attractive, caring, nice, and brilliant. He tries to see the positive side to everything. He makes everyones day and makes people laugh. At first might seem mysterious..
"He's so Tynan, its so diculous!"

Lauren: "I Love My Boyfriend, Tynan"
by chuckiecheesebirthdaytime October 21, 2011
"lovable, caring, something"
hey look its lots of nice stuff
by jess May 17, 2004
cheating, lying bastard
needs to reform his ways.
by jess May 13, 2004
i hurt my shelf
ow, i hurt my shelf
by jess May 17, 2004
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