Short for Tight Young Latina
I asked Garrett what type of girls men like, he answered "TYL"
by JoshLANYMIA November 26, 2012
text you later which is a form of ttyl ( talk to you later )
Hey Brandon , i have to go help my mom walk my dog so i will tyl, bye.
by DChap23 March 31, 2008
1. Short for 'Text You Later'.
2. Short for 'Ten Years Later'. Used in anime/manga, often to make a character old enough to be depicted in sexual activities that are inappropriate or illegal for their age as given in the manga/anime.
So, do you prefer Mukuro teen, or Mukuto TYL?
by Akaida February 20, 2010
Thank You Lord
I found my engagement ring TYL !!
by Jamci January 07, 2013
Thank You Lord...

While sitting alone, in service or whenever you have a moment to yourself, be content with your situation and just thank God for your it.
T.Y.L. for today.
T.Y.L. for my ability to see and listen.
T.Y.L. for being who You are.
T.Y.L. for my friends.
by StrongWil December 04, 2007
Text Ya Later. its like ttyl but not everyone wants to talk, so they text. duh
text message cool. g2g. see you at seven. tyl
by tarheels June 13, 2008
Take your lick. When referring to someone to man up and confess to what they have done
Rob: Who ate dads pie

Steve: O, that was for dad? I ate it.

Rob: He's gonna get mad. Tyl
by Chris2013 March 22, 2011

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