A rapper on Lil Wayne's label Young Money. Was featured on a few songs including Bed Rock and Roger That with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Has a bunch of tattoos and looks just like Wiz Khalifa.
"Yo you seen that new Wiz Khalifa video on Mtv? Shit was pretty straight"

"Naw my boy that was Tyga"

"Oh. Same thing bro."
by Freddy Blow March 16, 2010
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a rapper who is proud that he has your grandmother on top of his penis.
"got ya grandma on my dick,
girl you know what it is."

by kynanners January 06, 2012
The male version of a cougar. A guy that is attracted to women who would typically be considered too young for him.
Person 1.) Hey, that guy with Kylie Jenner is way older than her. Is he a pedophile?
Person 2.) No, haha, he's just a Tyga.
by Last Real Nater March 31, 2015
A rapper from Compton well known for his singles rack city,faded,dope,Molly etc.. who was signed onto lil Wayne's ymcmb label but recently made his own named last kings
He also looks like a shorter Wiz Khalifa.
Boy: ayy you see my nigga Wiz spittin lyrics with Travis Porter

Boy: Naw that's my nigga Tyga
by Nigguro July 10, 2013
A man that practices Ephebophilia: who is attracted to teenage women between the ages of 15-19. An African/Chinese or Asian mixed male who prefers and goes after the attentions of underaged women. A man interested in Financial gain after dating young wealthy teenagers.
Kylie paid Tygas rent, cause he is her man, and he likes them young and underaged.
A rapper who looks full black but is actually half Vietnamese and half Jamaican. He was born in Compton, one of the blackest cities in California which is why he has a full black attitude.
Tyga acts so black he may not even know he's half Asian.
by AdomC August 17, 2015
A man interested in younger women
"He's 23 dating an 18 year old, must be a tyga!"
by Vince and Valerie January 30, 2016
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