Slang term for the vagina used in similar contexts to its many and varied synonyms. Formed from the first two letters of 'twat' and the last three of 'cunt'.
"That twunt got that fit bird twunted and got hold of her twunt last Saturday. The dirty twunt."

#cunt #twat #vadge #fanny #minge
by Brian Munich October 29, 2006
Top Definition
n. Useful, satisfying yet inoffensive combination of two very rude words which can safely be spoken in primmest and properest company. Twat and Cunt.
"He's a right twunt!"
by Coxy November 10, 2003
A combination swearword, in this case twat meets cunt. Thought to have been invented by humourist Chris Morris for the Channel 4 series 'Jam' (2000). Now a good description of any cunt who's a twat, or indeed vice-versa.
"Don't smoke while you're pregnant, you stupid twunt"
by World of Weird July 10, 2003
The act of simultaneously being a cunt and a twat
"Nic is such a twunt"
#twat #cunt #insult #offensive #combination
by jt1199 June 03, 2015
When a person was so vile, that one insult was not enough, the word Twunt was born.

Half Twat, Half C*nt.
#vile #ex #cunt #twat #brian crawford
by YourSuperExGirlfriend August 24, 2010
a.) a non-vulgar sounding combination of two vulgar words: twat and cunt. commonly used to describe a completely ignorant and utterly stupid person.

b.) fun word to say when you can't use profanity as an insult.
My ex wife is on my case over nothing. She's such a TWUNT sometimes.
#twat #cunt #asshole #stupid #bitch #moron
by blueyedimples July 01, 2009
A Twat and a Cunt.
Fennel is a Twunt.
#twat #cunt #fennel #a #and
by fennel123 September 11, 2012
The combination of Twat and Cunt creating the ultimate degrading insult, Twunt. Statistically, women find this more insulting over men and many times will end in a slap to the face, but it was worth it. Right?

Some could find sexual uses with the word Twunt

See Twat and Cunt for further definition and understanding of such a powerful word.
God that bitch is such a Twunt..

Gonna get me some twunt tonight...

Nikki stop being such a twunt...
#twat #cunt #vagina #pussy #bitch #slut
by Poobear & Princess January 13, 2011
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