An insult, a useless or stupid person.
Geophery you twonce!
by Timblimbim May 26, 2005
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Top Definition
a mix between twat and nonce, or just generally a name you can call people who annoy you. generally used with msn, aim etc to describe flirting over it as the person may be flirting which is twattish but not a nonce
girl 1: my god dave was being a right twonce last night on aim!
girl 2:yeah what a tard
#nonce #twat #twattish #aim #msn #paedo #paedophile
by oLi135790264 June 03, 2009
Not once, not twice, but twonce...
I did that twonce- I liked it!
by Izaak Wegman June 06, 2004
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