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A word (noun)that defines a stupid person, used by young people, usu.
"hey, look at that guy over there. He's a twollop!"
by Sadie January 03, 2005
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Adjective: To describe a woman of equal parts trollop (dirty) and twit (dumb enough to fuck anything). A subtler way to suggest she is equal parts dirty (unclean) and stupid. Can be a very popular girl at parties. Syn: Stupid ho-bag.

Not mistaken for a Troll which is an ugly and/or dirty chick that won't fuck you drunk or sober.

Not inferring ugly but certainly unclean. A man confronted with a Twollop is then torn with the decision to fuck a dirty dumb girl and risk ridicule. The solution to the "fuck a Twollop" conundrum is generally resolved by applying the "liquor rules" or "moped" solution. ie: You may fuck a Twollop if you're too drunk to care and/or no one you know is watching.

Twollops are known to hang around cute clean girls (see Wingman) but are much more likely to fuck you to spite their cute friend (see: superiority complex and revenge fuck)
Smelly dirty but cute girl at the concert says to the guy she just met: Take me back to the porta-potty, fuck me in the ass and give me a dirty sanchez.

Guy says to self: Fucking Twollop cunundrum. Dammit, need another drink.

Smelly but big titty blonde girl tries to sweet talk the doorman to get into the club for free.

Doorman lets her in because he knows that it's good for drink sales. a.k.a: The twollop factor.
by Leithas September 15, 2010
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