the second main reason of suicide in America.

(the first is Jeff Foxworthy)
Sheriff: Another one jumped off the bridge today.

Officer: Why would he ever go to that Blue Collar Comedy show?

Sheriff: No, no, no, this one saw two girls one cup.

Officer: Oh, I slap my monkey when I watch those.
by A Silvz February 22, 2009
Verb. Synonymous with discouraged, obliterated, or owned. Just as the video, "Two Girls, One Cup" destroys women's rights, any erection a man will ever have in the future, and the confidence of a proud toilet.
1. Samuel Jackson two girls one cups everyone else in every movie he's ever played in.

2. Renee Zelwegger's appearance totally two girls one cupped my burgeoning erection
by Josh Snyder January 07, 2008
A scat video circulating the internet, which starts off as a generic 'girl on girl' video and then transcends to one girl defecating in a glass, and the other eating some of it, then sharing the rest between them. After this, one begins vomiting into the glass with the other eating some of the vomit. They then begin vomiting into each others mouths.

There have been many videos making fun of this video, "Two girls one cup REACTION". Many people find the video deeply disturbing and say it should be banned. Most of these people, however, do not realise that there are things such as fetishes and taboos which have many supporters and fans.

CAUTION: To those wishing to view the video. It is perhaps not for the weak stomached!
Guy: Dude, that two girls one cup video was NASTY!

Guy2: Personally, i found watching the video in sexual education more disturbing, the one of the baby being born. THAT was some skanky shiz!

Guy: But the poo came out like them whipped cream sprays! It expanded as it exited!

Guy2: True. But that baby came out with all sorts of other crap!

Guy: I s'pose...
by Yogi Bear (Paul) December 06, 2007
the most disgusting shit ever
its a video showing a girl shitting in a cup and another bitch eats the shit up

its something that you know you shouldn't watch and yet you watch it anyway
and it will hunt u for ever!!
some guy watching two girls one cup:awwwwwwww fuckkkk wt the hell is thissss
same guy: why am i still watching this shit!!
can't believe i watched the whole thing
by lil-MoE January 29, 2009
The undisputed "Sexiest Internet Video".
Two girls one cup contians to female pornography stars defacating in each others mouths.

The video caused much controversy due to it's extreme graphic content. ;)
Guy1: Hey man can you chill tonight?

Guy2: Nah man, I've been feeling lonley lately so I'm gonna go "do the busting" to Two girls one cup
by Elefeonte July 22, 2009
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