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A literal phrase describing a lone rooster with his two eggs. This can be used as a substitute for "lone wolf and cub" for rogues and loners who look after and take care of two vulnerable young children. The phrase can also be reinterpreted and used as a double entendre that alludes to a man's reproductive organs.
The hen croaked her last two eggs and the rooster stood their alone; they're now just two eggs and a cock.

His two children are the only ones he care for in the world, they are his world. The hobo then walked away in search of a new home, pushing a makeshift stroller made from a cardboard box and roller skate wheels, rolling away with his children, rolling into the sunset. They're now just two eggs and a cock, that's all they are and that's all they'll ever be.

Hey honey, do you know what I want for breakfast? Two eggs and a cock!!

by lancezinnuendos September 07, 2008
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