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someone who has finally given up trying to understand how twitter works/and or has gained so much popularity.
tweeter: wow! now i know what all my friends are doing at any given moment.

me: who cares?!

tweeter: what a twitterquitter.
by amycatastrophe May 01, 2009
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An Individual who has failed to uphold his or her commitment, understanding, and participation in the widely known messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices, also known as Twitter. He or she, at best, has made an unsubstantial effort to become a team player in the nations fastest growing sensation.
Ronaldo: "Hey man did you see my tweet last night?"

Hamilton: "Umm, I actually... deleted my twitter account 3 nights ago... so um..."

Ronaldo: "So you're telling me you're a Twitter Quitter..."

Hamilton: "Well see what happened was....."


Ronaldo: "I want you out of the house by Sunday morning.....goodnight."
by iWhipple May 05, 2009
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