Someone who twitters every moment, including when they are on the toilet. Their drive to update their twitter feed overcomes their senses of tact, ethics, and morality.
Reply: You're such a twittershitter.
by asdasdo June 26, 2009
Top Definition
One who tweets, or posts to Twitter, while shitting. This was originally used in webcomic Penny Arcade on April 23, 2008.
"Man, while I was taking a dump today, I was twittering from my phone, I must be a twitter shitter."
by TalkingInCode April 27, 2008
Someone who overuses Twitter and constantly "tweets" what they are doing, even when they are taking a shit.
"I need to Tweet that I am watching TV with you while I am sitting right next to you. I need to Tweet that I am getting up to go to the bathroom. I need to Tweet while I am walking to the bathroom. I need to Tweet that I am sitting on the toilet. I need to Tweet that I am taking a shit. I'm a Twitter Shitter!"
by onewingedkefka April 29, 2008
This term was actually first used on April 12th 2008 by the twitter user known as @akashitter.
"the twitter shitter thinks twitter is kinda shitty."
by deucer_mcshits June 22, 2009
A public bathroom stall with covered in tweets. These tweets are usually sexual or graphic in nature and usually posted by anonymous. Twitter Shitters are more commonly found in male restrooms. However, the dirtiest and meanest shitters are found in high school girl washrooms.
Guy1: " Dude, I just came back from the bathroom and somebody fuckin wrote all about their monster shit they had while jerkin off! It was fuckin disgusting"

Guy2: "Well that's what you get for goin in the Twitter Shitter."
by febrEEze99 July 20, 2009
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