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a site that took the status updates from facebook and made it into a social network. its gay.
guy 1: yo,follow my twitter man.
guy 2. fuck no. get a facebook you queer
by fubous November 27, 2009
14 15
Tweeting is like pooping. Everyone has done it, no one fully understands why or how it happens, and once you get into it, everyone enjoys it.
Girl 1: I just got a twitter from Miley cyrus! it says "waiting in line".

Girl 2: OMG you are so connected with whats up!
by Deez NUttsssss April 29, 2009
21 22
The area of skin, located on a women between the twat and the shitter.
I tried to finger her but was so drunk I just ended up stroking her twitter
by The Pitch Doctor September 26, 2012
0 2
despite what many people think Twitter is actually really fun. you normally go through 3 stages:

Stage 1- "twitter? god no! thats sooo f*cking stupid."
Stage 2- "fine, i'll get one, but im not gonna use it."
Stage 3- "omg twitter is soooo fun! im following all my fave celebs and i get a whole bunch of new info constantly!"

twitter has a ton of really great quote accounts. nobody posts shit like what they are doing every two seconds any more. if you are considering getting a twitter, you should get one. its matured.
twitter used to be for lameasses who couldnt get a facebook. now its a great site where you can laugh your head off and get great celeb info.

kate just finished going through the 3 stages of Twitter
by MissEducatedAuthor January 18, 2012
1 3
A social networking website for twits (hence the name "Twitter") who constantly post "tweets" for everything they are doing, 24 hours a day, even though they have no followers because everyone on it other than a twit is a celebrity.
"I have just woken up at 8:00 am"

"I have just eaten a bowl of cereal"

"I have just released some shit from my butt into the toilet."

"I have just been called a twit by all 465 people who walked by me."

"I am epic" *Crash while sending*

"My computer crashed while trying to send that tweet on Twitter"

by likeordie November 15, 2011
2 4
The area between the twat and the shitter a.k.a. twitter
"It ain't the twat and it ain't the shitter, it's her twitter"
by Me123456789101112131415 October 09, 2011
0 2
The region the on the female anatomy bewtix her twat and shitter
Sally kicked Jane in the Twitter
by goodtimes420 April 22, 2011
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