A person who has read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and the Twilight movie, and completely obsesses over it.

*You try to control your thoughts because Edward might hear them.
*You refuse to believe that Edward Cullen does not exist.

*People stare at you funny because you and your friends are locked into a heated argument of vampire vs. werewolves.
*You cried through most of New Moon.
*Your dream car is a silver 2005 Volvo S60R or a yellow 911 Turbo Porsche
*You long to visit Forks, Washington
*You get excited anytime someone unexpectedly mentions anything about vampires.
*You talk about Edward and Twilight so much, that your friends read it just to shut you up
*You have come to hate the sun
*You start to see silver Volvos everywhere (I SWEAR I SAW ONE DRIVE BY)
*Every time you're in a grocery store, you have the urge to pick up and hold an apple
*You start cursing at Halloween shop windows when you see stereotypical vampire teeth and costumes.

Don't make fun of me and all of my Twitarded friends or I'll give you a paper cut right in front of Jasper...or I'll La Push you off a cliff...or, even better...I'll provoke the Volturra and blame it on you!

I am a Twitard!
by Wish I was Bella Swan December 18, 2008
A retard who likes the Twilight books or movies. In other words, anybody that likes the Twilight books or movies.
Lyndsey was such a twitard that she missed her wedding because it was the same day the new twilight movie came out.
by StudMuffin328 June 29, 2010
TWITARD; -Noun-; T-Why-tar-D's;

Stupid 13-20 year olds who have never read a real piece of literature in their lives; and have a mental delusion that one day a crazy obsessive/pedophile vampire or a possibly homosexual/crazy obsessive werewolf that: DO NOT EXIST will come and turn them into said monster. Can be found expressing their love for the series, and attacking all who disagree, all while screaming "Team Edward!", or "Team Jacob!"
Twitard: Hey did you guys read Twilight, its the best book ever written!

Person: Yes I have, and it was written horribly, you are a twitard.
by popNFreshhatesyou December 03, 2009
Twilight Retard; an overly obsessed Twilight fan
She is such a twitard she not only believes in vampires, she believes they sparkle.
by Dracula/Blooferlady November 22, 2009
The book "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer plus "retard." A person who obsessively enjoys the books or movies of Twilight.
The Twitard at the Movie theater screamed and fainted when she saw the "New Moon" trailer.
by Penelope's stupid name August 16, 2009
A term used for completely obsessed Twilight fans.
"I just got attacked by a twitard 'cause I said I hated Twilight..."
by Tubz1995 January 23, 2010
The most ungodly creature to roam the Earth. Tiwtards think the best book ever is Twilight (Craplight) because of this they obsess over it. Twitards tend to to stupid things like wear Twilight T-shirts, purses, and basically anything else that can be Twitardified. They also make retarded Flairs on Facebook ( Pieces of Flair, an application.) saying retarded things like "Who needs Dracula when you have Edward Cullen?" (I do) and " Real Men Sparkle" and "Jacob Black: another reason to love dogs". Personally they make me sick. Once I saw a Twitard in an ice cream shop. It was all I could do to not smack her in the face with a lead pipe.
Biggest Twitard:
Stephenie Meyer

Twitards are so Twitarded that they believe someone is a vampire when they fucking sparkle. Vampires don't sparkle.
by twilight sucks ass August 25, 2010

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