An abusive exchange carried out on Twitter. The Twitter equivalent of a flame war.
All I tweeted was that his link was a bit lame, and then he tweeted back that my profile pic was ugly, so I tweeted back that at least I knew the difference between a sentence and a paragraph and then he said something nasty about my use of semi-colons. It was a total Twitslap. I feel dirty.
by Poodlecrisis February 04, 2011
Top Definition
the act in which Twitter prevents a user from publishing more then 140 characters. Other forms include twit-slapping, twit-slapped, twit-slapee, twit-slapper
Harold had a great day, but he could not summarize it without being twit-slapped.
by mcandp2 July 18, 2010
verb: The act of responding to someones twitter while in the same room as that person.
Dude quite twit slapping me! If you want to say something just turn to me and say it!
by The Amazing Leztits May 04, 2009
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