Someone who gloats about how using Twitter meant they knew something n. minutes/hours before you/everyone else.
@twipster: Dear #twitter, today I got the #Osama news before anyone I know, thanks to you. Social media #FTW!
by danmelb May 02, 2011
Top Definition
A hipster that uses twitter, a social networking site, extremely often. A twipster will most likely "tweet" about various aspects of the hipster movement especially indie bands concerts and events going on in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (the hipster capital). A twipster may tend to make many of their "tweets" ironic.
Kat is such a twipster, she's constantly tweeting links to concerts in Williamsburg and images of American Apparel models.
by RWfreckles June 17, 2010
A hipster that frequently uses Twitter.
Maddi never stops tweeting about Passion Pit and Existential philosophy, she's such a twipster.
by Cat Korovina June 15, 2010
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