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Two girls who are related who look exactly alike, most men like them
"Oh my god, those twins are fucking hot..."
by Zach W. October 29, 2005
304 468
Mention this word to any bloke and an image pops up in their mind.
That image is something like this:
Two gorgeous blondes in a club both ready to endulge in a threesome.
John: Guesse what!... Wendy's having twins!

Jimbob: Twins?.......Mmmm!

John: You're sick dude!
by Bambilicious1251 June 26, 2007
181 348
This is another description for 22" rims for a car. Also dexcribes a .22 caliber hand gun.
"Those twins on that Av are blinging" & "Im bout to hit him with the twin (.22)"
by Roscoe October 08, 2004
33 333
2 People, who when asked if they want ice cream cone, both say "yes"
The Mario Twins look so goddamn like the same person, if I say "hey you want ice cream cone?" They both say "yes"
by Poopy Weiner March 15, 2003
103 514
A group from Hong Kong
Twins are artist from Hong Kong
by Sica May 06, 2005
60 500