A book by Stephenie Meyer with an 108 year old vampire who can sparkle who fell in love with an 18 year old schoolgirl (I find a VERY big age difference between them)
Edward Cullen"I was born in 1901"

Bella *nods*

Fangirl: wow but your still hot

by ARandomGirlInARandomWorld October 14, 2009
A series by Stephenie Meyer that has sky-rocketed to stardom on account of a movie version of the first book.

The story revolves around two main characters, Bella and Edward, falling in love and subsequent misadventures.

Everybody here seems to be professing that they are examples of bad writing, however, there are not many valid reasons around.(also, if you can't spell or construct a sentence, I don't see how you can say that it is is badly written)
1. "OMG vampires SO don't sparkle! And she's totally stealing Anne Rice's idea of vampires who don't drink from humans." - So what if it's a new idea? Was the concept of vampires drinking from animals new? Yes. And Anne Rice stole a few herself.
2. The film is terrible, therefore the books are by association. I wouldn't actually know. I have refused to watch it for a number of reasons. It looks awful. The actors are lumps of wood with voices. I like the books too much.
3. They're too perfect, yet at the same time you say they are controlling, cheating, lying bastards. Well, really, too perfect? They are controlling. They are over the top. They are neutral characters in many ways, but they do have some flaws.
4. Character Development, lack of - I admit that they can be a little melodramatic, but it's fiction and you are meant to suspend belief. There is not much insight into thoughts and emotions, perhaps this is an example of a different STYLE not a bad one. Some people like to only hint at reasoning so you will have to figure it out yourself. Maybe this idea that there is someone perfect for you will encourage the "teenie-boppers" to stop being such sluts.
5. I'm not saying it should be a classic, I'm just giving a different opinion on it. I like it, I'm fifteen, I read and understand classics. I can discuss themes, issues, viewpoints, context, etc. ad nauseam. According to my teachers I am so good at english that I could get a top grade if I did the Leaving Cert now, they also think I should be doing English in University. Jane Austen's books are romantic, so is this. It is not as good, but it is enjoyable. Rightly so, a lot of time went into it.

(if it's badly written then why would it be addictive?)
Person 1: Anne Rice's descriptive style is so ravishing and artistic. I think she's the most novel and interesting writer ever. Twilight is a rip-off with bad writing.
Person 2: Actually, I thought that Rice was one of the worst acclaimed writers I've ever read. Her writing style leaves much to be desired. A plot for instance. I did, in contrast, find the under-rated ideas of love-at-first-sight and desperation in Twilight interesting. Though mainly I read them because they're actually enjoyable.
Person 1: I hated the movie though.
Person 2: That doesn't make the book crap does it? I haven't seen it anyway, I stayed home watching the Beeb's (BBC) Pride and Prejudice. It was really good, six hours and very true to the book.
by Night Girl March 14, 2009
Morley's cat.
Morley: oops, I sat on Twilight again.
by ZhaoYun May 04, 2004
A stupid series of books that never should have existed. Vampires SPARKLE! Werewolves are EMO! Do I need to say more?
Fan: Twilight is soooo awesome!
Normal person: Someone give me a f*cking gun.
by IT'S_OVER_9000 December 04, 2011
A terrible book written by the new hit author, Stephanie Meyer. It's about a 'smart' girl who throws her life away for a abusive boyfriend, and is also rather 'sophisticated' due to the fact that she likes Shakespeare - however, she has only been seen reading such books once or so, and seems to have little or no impact on her. Other main characters are the abusive boyfriend and an equally abusive friend, two guys who fight over her for most of the series. The interesting characters lack development, and are only there to take up space.

Obsessive fans of Twilight are called 'Twitards;' strange, rabid creatures that one should be very cautious around. They are known to flame forums with offensive reviews in all caps with horrible grammar, and in more violent cases when their pathetic book is insulted, they may claw your eyes out, bite your head off (literally), stab you repeatedly, burn you at the stake, or fix cement boots to your feet and drop you into a quarry.

If you see a Twitard or the book their cult is circled around, DO NOT MAKE DIRECT EYE CONTACT. Twitards need little or no reason to attack you, and the book has the power to burn your eyes out with one glance. Should you glance at the book, you must cleanse your eyes IMMEDIATELY by reading all of the Harry Potter books in quick succession, followed closely by watching all of the movies. It would be a good idea to also watch the Potter Puppet Pals or A Very Potter Musical (found on YouTube) just in case.
Me: "I just told a chick that I didn't like Twilight...."

My Friend: "HOLY SHIT! Are you okay?! What did she do?!?!?!"

Me: "She tried to burn me at the stake, saying that I must have been polluted by the witchcraft in Harry Potter...."

My Friend: "...Do I really want to know what you did to her?"

Me: "No."

My Friend: "Tell me anyw-"

Me: "Trust me. You really don't."
by aint-no-muggle November 17, 2010
a great saga written by stephenie meyer....don't listen to any else who says different. she/he is stupid and should be slapped with all four of the books. the person who wrote that wouldn't know what a good book was if it bit them in the ass!!(there is a reason why it's being made into a movie dumbasses!)
oh yeah it's also a time of day....it looks really pretty
twilight is the best saga ever!
"what time of day is it?"
by DDFluke October 25, 2008
For all those people who are bagging this movie, you obviously have no life to shit on a book that you hate. I mean why take the effort to write how much you hate this book. Your all idiots.

Twilight's good and you assholes just ruin it for everyone else.
If its such a crap series then why in the world is it so damn popular and even been made into movies. I'll tell you why, its to keep away from the real world where people like you like to shit on everyone elses life, when in fact you losers are the ones who surf the net looking for something to make your life count for something.
"I hate twilight" aka. "I have no life so how about i shit on someones great idea."
by whoevercares May 15, 2009

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