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A cliche vampire romance series written by Stephanie Meyers. Quite possibly the ONLY series to capture the obsession of millions of jittery teenage girls, despite its horrible writing, originality, and several cliches.

The series contains a mary-sue heroine, bella, and a classic prince charming (also vampire), edward cullen. They fall hopelessly and endlessly in love and would cut their wrists and bleed for each other. The saga goes through the hardships of these two characters, albeit their problems are a bit interesting, it's still plainly written.

Fanfictions of Twilight are better than what the book is actually about, because the book already covers the most basic, unoriginal, terrible plots that anyone could use.
Person 1: Hey check it out, I just bought Twilight.

Person 2: Dude you could've saved yourself like 15$ and just read one of the fanfictions online. It's free AND it's better written than that shit.

Person 1: Fuck! Guess I'll just give this to a hobo or something..

Person 2: Trust me, not even a hobo would want to read that. Give it to a 9 year old.
by drunken baron April 24, 2009
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A girl who falls in love with an emo kid.
I can't believe she's dating the guy who cuts himself. She's so twilight.
by BSer95 March 23, 2009
30 7
A book. Just a book. A not-so-special book about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. But people take it to THE EXTREME!!! On the day the Twilight movie came out in England (December 19th 2007) EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE (excluding myself) went to see it on the day it came out.

Normally people accosiated vampires with Gothic novel. And according to a magazine that I read, it said that 'Twilight is a gothic novel where Bella Swan falls head over heels for the hot boy' WTF?? It is not Gothic at all!! No old haunted mansion, no bats, no PROPER vampires!! And how can you fall head over heels for someone, when we are, in fact, like that anyway??

Now, I admit that I read it when I am unbelievably (sp?) bored, and I do sort of blush a bit when Bella and Edward are talking or something,and I do like it's squeal, New Moon, because Bella is not all gooey over Edward, and hangs around with the werewolf, Jacob, who is, in my opinon, much hotter than Bella.

Also, LOADS of flaws:

Flaw 1: Vampires do not sparkle in the sun

Flaw 2: Vampires sleep in coffins during the day

Flaw 3: Vampires have fangs

Also, in Breaking Dawn (which I put down halfway due to it beng so unplausable)Edward bites Bella to make her into a vampire, yet in Twilight, he claims he has no fangs... How does he bite her if he has no fangs??

If you want to read a gothic novel, try Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. Real love, real gothic.
TwilightFan: OMG Twilight Movie is AMAZING!!!
Me: WTF??

Me: *slaps her around the head* FFS GET A LIFE!!! *gives her one last slap around the head for luck*
by chemicalvian January 24, 2009
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It is an extremely popular novel about a teenage girl, Bella, who falls in love with a vampire, Edward. Their essential conflict with their mad passion and Edward's instincts to kill is complicated further when a blood thirsty vampire latches onto Bella's trail and attempts to kill her. Insanely popular, it is now a major motion picture. I have read the book and seen the movie and both are illiterate pulp. It may also be used to refer to the series, which at this point includes Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Rumors are that a new book called Midnight Sun will be released at the earliest possibility.
Fangirl: OMG have you seen Twilight yet?! I read the book like fifteen times!
by Ziggy St. Valentine December 31, 2008
46 23
The biggest mistake in the history of literature. Doesn't even classify as literature. It is one of the worst mistakes that mankind has ever made. It's up there with the Holocaust and President Bush.
I had to do a book report, and I chose Twilight. It probably would've been a better choice to do a book report on fresh dog shit.
by The Uber Fat January 26, 2010
29 8
A book that brainwashes people into thinking vamipires are real. Seriously people it's just a book!! Harry Potter is way better than this piece of crap.
Obsessed Girl) OMG, Edward is so hot!! Robert Pattinson is ugly though...

Me) They're the same guy.

Obsessed Girl) Shut up or I will bite you with my vampire teeth.

Me) Good luck with that. (At least I'm the one who has a brain.)

In other words Twilight brainwashes people!!
by Musicxoxo April 24, 2009
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The modern Scientology.
by Nonaaa! April 12, 2009
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