An overly popular book/movie that is the current trendy thing to read as of January of 2009. This book singularly threw the old concept of the mythical vampire out the window. Everything from mortal thralls, to the drinking of human blood has been thrown out for the central character in this "book". It also happens to be wildly popular with most juvenile girls. Fans of this book/movie tend to defend it with admirable loyalty, but their defense is usually half assed and not very well thought out or presented.
-Have you read Twilight? It's the best!

-No, I haven't, I refuse to dim myself down with that "romantic" drivel that's the current trend.

by Mark Connor January 16, 2009
a great saga written by stephenie meyer....don't listen to any else who says different. she/he is stupid and should be slapped with all four of the books. the person who wrote that wouldn't know what a good book was if it bit them in the ass!!(there is a reason why it's being made into a movie dumbasses!)
oh yeah it's also a time of looks really pretty
twilight is the best saga ever!
"what time of day is it?"
by DDFluke October 25, 2008
For all those people who are bagging this movie, you obviously have no life to shit on a book that you hate. I mean why take the effort to write how much you hate this book. Your all idiots.

Twilight's good and you assholes just ruin it for everyone else.
If its such a crap series then why in the world is it so damn popular and even been made into movies. I'll tell you why, its to keep away from the real world where people like you like to shit on everyone elses life, when in fact you losers are the ones who surf the net looking for something to make your life count for something.
"I hate twilight" aka. "I have no life so how about i shit on someones great idea."
by whoevercares May 15, 2009
A novel containing an over-used plotline and has absolutely no originality. It's popularity is comparative to that of the Harry Potter and Girls Gone Wild series, while most of the GGW fans find themsleves more turned on by Hagrid than anything from Twilight. Please note that any female aged 9 - 68 has a 96.1% chance on creaming themselves if they see a Twilight poster. You have been warned.
That book Twilight was a cheap knockoff combination of Underworld and Mama Mia.
by King Mike December 30, 2008
Twilight is a book by Stephanie Meyers. It is the bible of the 21st century. The book can be compared to how Hitler was addicted to getting rid of the jews. As Twilight is addicting.
Woah, Twilight is the best book ever!


OMG you have to read Twilight!

Don't conform to Twilight! It's a poor mans Harry Potter.
by youdontknowmeha October 12, 2008
(N) a fantastic vampire book written by Mormon Stephanie Meyer. Though the fanbase is largely female, many readers of both sexes are inspired by the four novels.

New Moon
Breaking Dawn

An amazing book series, the story is interesting and allows everyone to fullfil their hidden romance fantasies. I suggest it to everyone, regardless of what ANYONE SAYS!
OME! Have you read Twilight? Edward Cullen is amazing. I love him.
by LuckyBellaC February 18, 2009
Basically, a crap book.

The main character of this horrific series is the not-too-feminist Bella Swan, who claims that should Edward McSparklepants (her very own twu luv) die, she would also take her own life. Apparently, she can't live without him. I mean, way to be independent. Plus, that's kind of the basic premise of all four books. Edward and Bella spend their time getting out of supposedly exciting situations, but while you're reading these, you'll want them to be over. And you're probably angry at all the purple prose that has made its way into this thing, and if you have to read about Edward's 'marble, beautiful, cold' body again, you will punch something. Violently.

Unfortunately, this book is wildly popular because Bella has no personality at all so you can step into her shoes. Everyone claims to want an Edward, but only few realize he's really a controlling jerk. He never lets Bella make any of the decisions, (nor should she, since she seems to have no common sense) and even takes the engine out of her car so she couldn't go see her best friend. Plus, he's a vampire (who fucking sparkles in the sun like Tinkerbell) and a 106 year old virgin, which is just plain scary. It's like Edward was completely asexual until Bella arrived, which is odd. He's battling the thirst for her blood or something like that. Whatever. They still have no chemistry whatsoever, and all they do is whine to each other about how it's dangerous for them to be together.

The plot is massively cliched, and done terribly.

So, um. It sucks. A lot. Please, spare your brain and don't read it.
Fangirl: Edward is so awesome. I know I'm not speaking in my typical terrible grammar, but this is only for those who can't understand chatspeak at all. Plus, it's a way to fill the example box.

by ThatGirl is over there, see? March 16, 2009
A horribly written novel with a multitude of grammar mistakes that is full of cliches and Mary Sues/Gary Stus. For no particular reason, a bunch of twitards become crazily obsessed with this book just because of "OMG SOOOO SUPER HOT!!" vampire Edward Cullen. However, Edward is a pathetic excuse for a vampire because he has tons of strengths and no weaknesses. He's not weak to garlic, sunlight, or ANYTHING vampires are weak to. There's also no plot, it's just Edward and Bella being lovey dovey. Bottom line: It sucks.
Actual crappy text from the last page of Twilight's epilogue:
"'Yes,' I whispered so my voice wouldn't have a chance to break. If he thought I was bluffing, he was going to be disappointed. I'd already made this decision, and I was sure. It didn't matter that my body was rigid as a plank, my hands balled into fists, my breathing erratic . . .
He chuckled darkly, and leaned away. His face did look disappointed."

Seriously, Stephenie? o_o
by UbernessBre March 04, 2009

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