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When you constantly hear about the Twilight series from your friends, and you really want to know what the heck everyone is so excited about.
"Dude, i think i might be twi-curious, i almost bought Twilight yesterday at Barnes and Noble."
by xavix November 25, 2008
n: To be interested in Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans.
Bella, Sookie, and half of american preteens are twicurious
by dukeofdiego August 28, 2009
Referring to a person of male gender who is secretly interested in the Twilight series.
1) Shawn does not want you to know he likes Twilight, he's


2) Person 1: He WATCHED Twilight?

Person 2: Oh yeah, he's a little Twicurious!

3) I might be a guy, but I think I'm a little Twicurious!
by JYS14420 July 12, 2010
A person who does not identify themselves as a fan of the Twilight series but shows some interest or curiosity in the books or movies.
My boyfriend says he would watch New Moon sometime, he is totally twi-curious!

I think Chris is twi-curious, I saw the Twilight series on his bookshelf!
by cgenev January 17, 2010
(Noun); usually describing a heterosexual male who exhibits interest, secret or public, in the Twilight Saga(either books or films). May result in full blown Twihard syndrome, inlcuding but not limited to: becoming a "team" member, purchasing Alice Cullen and/or Bella Swan memorabilia, quoting the books or films for romantic purposes, aquiring a Quileute-like tattoo, excessive exercie, or applying glitter to "sparkle".
by kfab72 January 03, 2011
When a person wants to go see Twilight mainly to find out what all the hype is about, but does not want to be grouped with the hardcore Twilight fans
A person goes to see twilight to find out who the hell Edward and Jacob really are so he/she was twicurious
by BigMac99 January 02, 2010