One who tweets excessively throughout the day, i.e 2 or more tweets in half an hour.
"Your such a tweet whore, I had to unfollow you"
by TheCommuneHippy April 24, 2012
Top Definition
A tweetwhore is like a 'postwhore', but only on Twitter.

1. Tweetwhore, or "tweet whore" is a term used on Twitter to describe a person who measures seniority by one's numerical tweet count.

2. The act of 'tweeting' large amounts of meaningless tweets on Twitter.

3. One who floods the Twitter updates with tweets in order to gain a higher tweet count.
Karen is such a tweetwhore, she sent 500 tweets on Twitter in only ONE HOUR.
by Bellothika March 23, 2009
a person who constantly tweets on twitter.
stop tweeting constantly you tweet whore
by EdBoy23 January 21, 2010
A person who tweets so much on twitter that they take up the entire board to the point that you are forced to stop following them.

johncmayer and diddy are users who post too much.

You're such a tweetwhore can you stop tweeting? You're taking up the whole board. I'm going to stop following you!

Okay okay I'm sorry.
by hanbanjo April 17, 2009
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