Those who indulge themselves with Methamphetamine until they become very paranoid and develop a serious case of body tremor.
eg. People who ask for money on a daily basis; people who consistently and rapidly scratch themselves. "Hey check those tweekers arguing with the cops, the one on the left looks all messed up."

eg. Tyrone Biggums from the "Chappelle Show"; Jake Mazursky from "Alpha Dog"; Every character in the movie Spun; That chick from Full House, in real life.
by Romero Diaz June 22, 2008
A methamphetamine user.
He might be doing a little coke, but he's way too fat to be a tweeker.
by Village Idiot May 21, 2012
The homeless, meth addict, usually skinny, smelly, who is riding a 10,000 racing mountain bike, dressed in rags, malnourished, at three oclock in the morning through the streets of sunnyslope, (phx az)with a 10 foot antique brass lamp over there shoulder on their way to the (meth)dope mans house to score another $20 bag, if you watch him long enough you will most likely see him look over his shoulder to see if "they" are close behind, you will likely see him stop at each and every dumpster that looks like it might have anything at all in it.
phx cop to glendale cop: anything new tonight?... (tweeker rides by on sidewalk causing officer to spill his coffee) damm tweekers! watch where you going or ill arrest your ass for ....glendale cop in response....."you mean you actually bother to arrest them? me and the boys find it so much quicker just to stop em, confiscate their drugs and let them go."
by nobody in phx June 19, 2009
A person who is addicted to crystal meth and undergoes great changes in personality and appearance. The biggest populations are in small towns and rural areas. The drug is incredibly cheap and easy to manufacture, so no matter where you live there is probably at least 3-4 residents in your neighborhood making it in their garage.

There are a few very easy ways to spot a tweeker.

1. Very skinny, with especially gaunt faces
2. Complete disregard for appearance. They will have dirty clothes, be unshaven, messy hair, no makeup.

3. Appear to be much older than they actually are.
4. Brown teeth, often with many missing.

5. They have red sores all over themselves, this is from picking at their skin while high.
6. They are generally very paranoid and confused.

You can see them anywhere, in a small town it's not uncommon to see a dozen in the course of a day. Generally avoid them and don't give them the impression that you have anything of value. If you see them in a retail store, they are almost 100% guaranteed to steal something.

It's a sad transition, and almost always their journey ends in prison or death.
Drive to the oldest, shadiest area of your town and observe the people walking around, you will spot some tweekers almost immediately.
by Maximillian Van Der Mann January 22, 2011
A person who has worked their way to the second highest level of their methamphetamine career, tweekers have poor hygiene. The only level above a tweeker is a Cook who carries God like status among tweeker because the cook manufactures the crystal death that they all soo much love.
That tweeker hasn’t been off my couch for two weeks and hasn’t showered the whole time.

My TV has been stolen I bet it was that fucking tweeker.

by Auld man December 14, 2007
Someone that you date for only two weeks
Aaron: are you still dating sarah?
Matt: no, she was a tweeker.
by banana rammer April 09, 2011
a person who does meth or other hard chemical drugs
That tweeker robbed the corner store.
by marsi March 29, 2005

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