A taint wedgie

When your boxers/boxer briefs ride up into the area between your asshole and nutsack causing discomfort
I leaned forward while sitting down and got a killer twedgie.
by SinfulHoliday December 28, 2009
Top Definition
"twat wedgie", camel toe, when you can see the form of a woman's pussy lips through her tight fitting pants
She gets an insane twedgie when she wears those tight khakis.
by Scotty November 23, 2004
A very uncomfortable vagina wedgie (formally known as a twat wedgie, hence "twedgie") when a woman's underwear rides up the lips of her vagina and creates a vivid display for all the public to see and laugh at. Men with vaginas can get them too.
dayum! that vagina has one mean twedgie!!
by Jaegermeister69 March 07, 2009
-A twat wedgie.

-When your underwear gets in the creveses of your vagina, causing discomfort.
Carol: What are you doing?

Katy: I'm picking my twedgie.
by Twatolina October 01, 2011
It is a wedgie in the front.
That girl know her pants are too tight, look she got a twedgie.
by realb337 September 25, 2011
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