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The idiot that gets on your last damn nerve. The person you know that suffers from excessive verbal diarrhea. The one you want to smack in the face with a pick-axe. The person who has done it all and done it better than you.
There is this twatwaffle in my anatomy class who won't shut up even though he is obviously an idiot and everyone fucking hates his sputtering face.
by PleasantlyWeird June 18, 2011
302 132
a vagina that is so shriveled up that it looks like a defrosted waffle.
Jo went down on Mary and thought he was eating breakfast.
by Lamifer September 13, 2004
1241 520
watwaffle (twat-wah-full):
n.1 An elitist; someone unaware of their own limitations and highly critical of others.
n.2 A general prick. See: douchebag, n00b.
v.1 To ban; to totally pwn.
"That Tom Cruise is such a twatwaffle."
"I was twatwaffled by hurt, a lot."
by Binary Cobalt Hanakari July 09, 2005
835 353
Complete idiot. Dipshit, assrod. You get the idea.
Bush voters are such twatwaffles..
by Miikro June 14, 2004
497 420
occurs when a woman wears tight jeans without underwear and the hard seams painfully mash themselves into her undercarriage, leaving an angry red waffle-like pattern.
When Jerri first heard of what getting a twatwaffle was, things just got real for her.
by Moggraider May 15, 2008
321 253
1. A foolish, inept, or unattractive person. 2. Someone who you find in extreme annoyance.
President Bush is such a twat waffle.
by Priscilla December 13, 2004
632 574
A meaningless insult; can be used to refer to anyone or anything that you dislike
You stank twat waffle.
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
447 408