Adjective describing the property of behaving like a twat, or saying something which makes you sound like a twat.
What was up with Eric today? I don't see why he has to be twatular with me.

I don't mean to sound twatular, but your breath stinks so bad I'd rather you just didn't talk to me.

Why does your father have to get so twatular with me because I don't have a job?
by Killdozer February 05, 2009
Top Definition
twatular (Pronunciation: twät-ty&-l&r) - adj; twat-like; having the qualities commonly associated with a twat.

His behavior is rather twatular when he gets drunk, as he tries to pick fights with everyone around him.
by What August 12, 2006
The area pertaining to or surrounding the Twat.
Oh god my Twatular area is itching up a storm
by Mrs.Zinda July 16, 2008
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