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lesbian equivalent of a cockblock.
Rebecca was scissoring Janice with her eyes when Melissa came and sat down next to them and completely ruined the moment. What a twatswat.
by kschaef October 09, 2007
15 5
Phrase quoted by famous stand-up comedian Dane Cook in "ISolated INcident"

The equivalent to the male "Cock Block," in which a female accompaniment creates the imposibility of her female friend to "get lucky" with a possible male interest. Done so by intentionally saying something completely irrelevant and embarassing. Commonly takes place in social gatherings.
Jane: So what do you like to do for fun, Billy?

Billy: Well I like to...

Jane's Friend: Sorry to interupt! So, Jane, how's your AIDS?

*Awkward Silence*

You've been Twat Swated.
by SaraBeez May 18, 2009
213 39
when one woman prevents another woman from getting sex, action, etc. similar to a cock block, although "twat swat" is commonly used among lesbians.
"Even though Amy and Vanessa both had their eye on David all night, Vanessa pulled the TWAT SWAT and ended up taking him home..."
by Kirby Baumann May 28, 2007
82 26
female version of cockblock, female who stops other females from hooking up
Let me sleep with him, don't "twat swat."

I was totally going to do that guy until my friend Emily stepped in and "twat swatted" me.
by a2coyote January 14, 2010
61 27
The same as cock blocking, only with women.
We were making out in the back room and Ashley kept twat swatting.
by Z3RO26 April 01, 2008
50 24
to prevent your female friend from receiving sexual pleasure from another.
"She could not get rid of her roommate all night, what a twat swat!"
by k.sweezy June 11, 2009
17 4
The female version of the cock block, the act of one female swooping in on the possible hookup of another female
I was talking to that guy at the bar, and when I came back from the bathroom that biotch had twat-swatted me!
by dave.g August 07, 2006
13 4