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A patriotic twat. One who drapes himself in his nations flag at every oppertunity and will not take any critism of his country. see jingoism
Bllody hell, look at all the flags, the Twatriots are out in force tonight.
by black flag June 27, 2004
"twat” refers to a woman's vaginal region, or is a "nickname" for that area. That means that a "twatriot” is when a woman switches into "super overdrive" while she is engaged in any type of sexual activity. It often is what every man dreams of while pleasing his woman...
Last night, with my new girlfriend, was extremely, extremely exciting for me (and her as well) as she had a "twatriot” going on as I orally satisfied her...
by Panchoman Jr. February 10, 2007
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