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Adjective used to describe someone so annoyingly annoying that they desearve the description of both a twat and a fuck. synonyms - asshole, fucktard, fucknut, douche, george bush
"first off you are a complete twatfuck," said Cindy. "I told you those coupons were expired..."

"hey twatfuck, what's for breakfast?"

"Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" said some twatfuck.
by JustinS August 12, 2005
A Game;

You have to grab as many things near you as you can, throw them at someone and if you hit them on the head, shout 'TWAT FUCK', then count how many you can get,

2+ Players.

fun for all the family
Frank; TWAT FUCK!!
Bob; I Got 5 twat Fucks How many Have You got.
Frank; 11 So fuck You.
Bob; Fuckoff Wankstain.
by Charlotte Ryan August 06, 2007
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