The kebab-meat flaps of the female hairy axe-wound. Can be used in the singular sense as an insult.
Cor! Look at her twatflaps! You could park a bleedin' Lada Estate in those you could!

Oi, Paul - you're a fuckin' twatflap mate!
by Matt Whalley June 17, 2003
Top Definition
The outer labia of the ladybits. Also a good insult for someone who is utterly useless.
"look at the state of you ya twatflap!"
by Slimbun September 08, 2006
The flap of a woman's vagina. A derogatory word to call somebody who is pissing you off.
"Shut your fucking mouth, you stupid twat flap!"
by Kizzle82 May 11, 2007
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