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Tweets about chapel. A phrase often used as a twitter hashtag for college students who attend Christian universities and are forced to go to chapel. Originated at Oral Roberts University, but expanded as other college students stopped paying attention in chapel and started tweeting instead.

#twapel is often used like a forum to publicly critique anything happening within the chapel building while chapel is in session.
Cowboy boots...and a zebra print dress? Why not...her voice makes up for her wardrobe selection. #twapel
#twapel #chapel #tweets about chapel #tchapel #oral roberts university
by ohareyoufresh December 02, 2011
Hybrid of "twat" and "lapels" meaning a length of labia getting stuck to the shaft during sexual intercourse giving the penis the appearance of lapels
"Her coochie lips where so long my dick had double breasted twapels!"
#labia #dicks #clothing #loose lips #tuxedo
by Fayz May 19, 2015
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