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Part twat and part cunt - a twant is someone behaving in a manner that is both stupid AND bitchy.
Twant - someone so full of themselves that they aren't aware they are actually stupid. But they are aware they are bitchy and enjoying being that way for no reason. While it may more frequently apply to women, men can also behave as twants.
by Cytosisters November 10, 2013
when you want to call someone a dirty name, but get grossed out by the name that you use
Oh, my God, she's such a twant
by bible444 June 13, 2010
When one is a cunt and a twat.
She's such a twant.
by aa779669 March 21, 2015
the act of ranting/dissing/critiquing a particular person or a specific event on Twitter
Charlie Sheen showed his deep-rooted insecurities by going on a "twant" against Rihanna for her apparent refusal to meet his gal!

In India, most politicians are now engaged in "twanting" - to voice dissent against their respective parties.
by cyclopsee May 23, 2014
The piece of skin between your arse and your baw bag, and if it 'TWANT' there your guts would fall out.
please madam will you tickle my twant
by sendoola August 20, 2007
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