A wanker that uses Twitter.

Abstracted from other words prepended with 'tw' such as tweople, tweetup, twestival etc...
@aplusk is a right twanker
by e_mpika April 17, 2009
Top Definition
A fusion of the already very expressive words twat and wanker to describe a peculiar, even unique, kind of contemptibleness found in those who are both stubborn and awkward, awkward and stubborn.
'You fucking twanker Matthew.'
by anycon December 23, 2004
Meaning someone who is both a twat and a wanker.
Tude is a Twanker but I still adore her
by Cate and Nao March 07, 2006
(noun) A person, organization, or company who uses bad form or exhibits bad behavior on Twitter.
"His constant posting of misinformed and mean-spirited Tweets resulted in the group labeling him a Twanker"
by snookers88 February 06, 2013
A combination of the words TINKER and WANKER.
"What a twanker."
by The coolest person ever. May 01, 2012
Noun: Someone thought by another to be a fool, an idiot, or someone whose behaviour is in some way unacceptable (but not illegal or overly troublesome) to the norms of the majority in the vicinity.
Etymology: derived from 'wanker' but thought to be less offensive.
"Him, he's nothing but a twanker. He never sits down and never answers any questions."

"You twanker!"
A banker who uses Twitter.

This was made up live on Deal or No Deal by Noel.
That banker is a twanker
by kennydude October 16, 2011
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