This is a word that's mostly used in the town of Brackley to signify useless chatter. Particularly in respect to rounders/baseball.

Total rubbish.
The longest forum thread in the world is full of rounders twaffle.
Having stayed up late to catch this sci-fi nonsense (ie Star Wars), I can confirm this is twaffle of the highest order
by DeafSponge June 23, 2005
Top Definition
Contraction of Twat Waffle
Klez is a total twaffle!
by drunkinbda September 20, 2006
A Twitter raffle
I'll run a twaffle for who's following me on the next friday!
by stradvarius April 01, 2010
The act of running up behind someone, reaching high between their legs (almost but not quite in the crotch seam) and slapping one's hand back and forth as if to motorboat the upper thighs with the hand. The recipient of the twaffle is now "it" and must twaffle someone else to continue the game. Verb, origin Grafton VT Sept. 2010.
I'm going to twaffle the bride right before she gets her photo taken.
by T.Waffle September 21, 2010
Taco Bell's 2014 waffle taco breakfast hybrid.
My friend ate a twaffle and nearly died.
by Feather Meringue February 24, 2014
Dirty or over used vagina; usually used by women about other women
That twaffle better not come around my man
by badman31 November 10, 2013
Contraction of "twat" and "waffle"
Madison has really turned into a twaffle over the last few days.
by DolandTheEpic November 19, 2014
A twat waffle.
I went down to the post office today. The post master was being such a twaffle.
by Stoney Beers April 16, 2010
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