The abbreviation of the term 'Tiny Willy'.

Often refered to people who has TW in the their Xbox360 gamertag
Big D- what does TW stand for?
Stewie- tiny willy!
*everyone is like LOL!*
by COCK IN MOUTH February 14, 2009
Top Definition
abbreviation for trigger warning

warns the audience that the following media may be triggering for mental disorders such as eating disorders, self harm/injury, and bipolar
I block the tw tag on Tumblr so I don't get triggered.
by --blackhole November 06, 2011
An acronym referring to the age-old practice of the tactical wank.
Where the hell is George?

Clearly having a furious TW
by sausagenaan December 10, 2010
Trench warfare
A Well-known bloody battle involving TW was the Battle of the Somme.
by Surprise Motherfucka July 02, 2015
Trade Win.
Usually used in the Monster Carnival Party Quest in the game called Maple Story.
1.Will the party quest be for the TW?
2.Looking for a team to do a TW party quest!
3.J>PQ 2v2 or 3v3 TW!
by HasHas96 November 07, 2010
Teaching wood... When a teacher gets a boner from students they are teaching. Usually occurs when hot girls approach the teachers desk .
Dude, Mr. Johnson has some major T.W. right now !
by CJ69 November 09, 2009
Tina Whore. Generally applies to crystal-meth (aka Tina) addicts who usually do not own their own supply of drugs, but are professional at playing the role of a newbie to partying or they'd simply say/tell/promise you what you want in order to use your drugs. When the drug is gone, so will the TW's...leaving unfulfilled promises.
1. She's such a TW, she'd say and do anything to use your drugs.
2. She's changed and gave her chat profile a fresh look. Different kimono but same TW.
by KenDC October 10, 2006
An abbreviation for the strain of marijuana, trainwreck.
You have to try this TW, it will mess you up!
by happyfeet September 25, 2006

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