Ironic. A quality or attribute. Used to describe something high-class, fancy.
I love the tussy details on that chandelier! It makes the whole room look tussier.
by anon333 December 13, 2006
Can be used as anything the user wants, could be an object,person(used in a diss) or commonly used to refer to weed
ex1:"your a tussy"
ex2:"got that tussy"
by watwatwatwat town May 01, 2009
Slang for tagina. The area located between the vagina and the taint.
Tussy is like tagina, but slannnnnnnnng!
by Look its Puck September 27, 2006
acting like one Johnathon J. Shrout, (a tulip)
Hi, I'm Jay I'm tussy, I like beaster girls (especially Emily)
by Anonymous October 03, 2003

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