Can be used as anything the user wants, could be an object,person(used in a diss) or commonly used to refer to weed
ex1:"your a tussy"
ex2:"got that tussy"
by watwatwatwat town May 01, 2009
Top Definition
it's a ghetto ass deoderant
Man, this tussy is giving me a rash in my armpits
by chrisgasp September 10, 2004
When a man tucks his penis and balls up so that it looks as if he has a vagina. This is best accompanied with a song that goes "Tussy Tussy Tussy TIME!!"
Wild Bill- from "Silence of the Lambs".

You are such a Tussy-Tucker.

When I got the girl naked I realized she had a tightly tucked tussy, and was in fact a T-bar.
by Svenweezee April 24, 2010
Pussy, vagina, vulva. Also describes getting any form of sexual activity.
I got some tussy last night.
That is a nice piece of tuss.
by Frank Jensen March 09, 2005
Chic, classy, luxurious, and elegant. Sometimes used sardonically when describing a situation that tries and fails to live up to these superlatives.
I knew this was a nice hotel, but I had no idea it was this tussy!

You did a great job redoing your house. Very tussy!
by Patroklos June 30, 2012
a tasty pussy
last night i licked this tussy until she came in my mouth
by MilaG December 20, 2009
Someone who thinks they are tough but are really a pussy.
That kid talked a big game, but after I wrecked him in the surfing contest, I discovered we was only a tussy.
by M-Dawg1 July 10, 2008
One who acts like a pansy. :)
Chris is such a tussy.
by Angie Kl April 17, 2008
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