when you take too much of the cough medicine robutussin and you begin to feel giddy and off balance; a mixture of drunk and highness
i was tussin last night
by abcacb November 04, 2005
Cough Syrup: Promethazine with Codeine. A pharmaceutical and recreational drug also referred to by a variety of street names, such as sizzurp, purple stuff, drank, lean, and tussin. The street names may or may not refer to the straight cough syrup or the mixture of the syrup and soda, most commonly Sprite.
"No we don't run for the Olympics, but the flame wit us
We got that tussin, that scummy, and that Angle Dust"
--Lil' Wayne, "Stilettos," Dedication: Gangsta Grillz
by El Spence April 03, 2007
When a female is eagerly providing oral sex on a male, to suggest she is trying to make him ejaculate in her mouth.
Get that 'tussin, gurl!
by Shane Br October 26, 2008
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