noun - a slur for a University of Alabama student. It derives from the regionalism that exists between Auburn University fans, centered around lower Alabama and University of Alabama fans, centered in upper Alabama. The term was applied after Season 3 Episode 32 of Squidbillies in which Early attempts to take his son, Rusty, to a strip club so that he can become a man.
I was on I-65 the other day and two Tuscaloosa dumplings cut met off at my exit.
by Sufizulu334 January 20, 2009
Top Definition
A tuscaloosa dumpling is a twist onclassic cherokee chin strap,followed by a montgomery monkey tail,topped off with a gravey chaser.
" no one knows what a tuscaloosa dumpling is except for you aunt lil,cuz she invented it" Early cyler its a right of passage.
by erly cylers momma August 28, 2010
A sexual position preformed on a man by a woman.
Usually used as a "rite-of-passage" to celebrate one's manhood.
"I'm very proud of you son. Let's go to the strip-club and get you your first Tuscaloosa Dumpling!"
by 9lb hammer April 14, 2008
when you educate your son on the birds and the bees, then take him to a strip club and buy a private dance... aka make em fuck a stripper
earl took ol rusty to get him his tuscaloosa dumpling, they sure grow up fast!
by bigmanmoto December 05, 2008
The perverse sexual act of defecating in your partners mouth.
Crapping in your girls mouth as a sexual act called a Tuscaloosa Dumpling.
by Bender B R February 11, 2009
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