a sound a butt makes therefore someone that is called that deserves to be considered a stupid ass.
"What a turt!"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
Top Definition
a slow person, retarded originated from turtle
you a slow ass turt.
by Yung Ron March 22, 2006
a female who's face and body language resembles a turtle.

"Look theres Turts!"
"AWW You had sex with Turts!"
by NPSS February 15, 2009
A chat message (IRC, AIM, Google Talk, etc) typo for 'truth' or 'true'.
Person 1: the guy is clearly incompetent
Person 2: turt

by DKLONE June 28, 2007
Something that tickles and hurts - to the same degree - at the same time.
Ahhh stop touching me there. That turts!
by Georazz October 02, 2010
Turtle poop.
Oh goodness! Gregory, clean up that turt that your pet turtle Madison just laid on my shirt.

Is that a dead bug floating in the water or is it just a turt?

Come Raphael, lets beat Michaelangelo with his own nun-chucks for clogging up our toilet with that monstrous turt!
by TMNTLUKE July 10, 2009
turd and a fart
I've been holding it so long, I hope I dont turt
by Jonmanuel February 09, 2010
Tickles and hurts at the same time
Stop tickling me!!! *Hahahaha* Oww! Ahhh! Stop, it turts!!!
by OciferSven December 31, 2014
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