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amazing and delicious Hungarian chocolate bar made in Hungary. Turo Rudi has a chocolate outer coating containing turo (sweet cottage cheese).
It sounds disgusting but it's incredibly addictive.
There are many variants on Turo Rudi but if you go to Hungary check out the original in it's distinctive red and white packaging.
Man, let's get on a plane to Budapest and go get us some turo rudi.

and prostitutes.
by Miles Pieri February 02, 2004

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The correct spelling is túró rudi, which is the most popular sweet in Hungary. It is a delicious curd cheese bar in chocolate. People get quite addicted after tasting it. :) The original is the one with red dots on its package (www.english.pottyos.hu). You may find it under the name of DOTS as well (e.g. in Italy).
Would you buy me a giant turo rudi from the vending machine?
by fuchsia_RGB(255,0,255) April 12, 2009