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A race of people that have there own country and are spread over the middle east in these countries:

Southern America

The Turkmen have a never ending grudge with the Kurdish people of Iraq and Iran because they are trying to make a Turkmen run city in Iraq (THe city of kirkuk) Kurdish controlled and there is a waging civil war in that city which is the size of las vegas 3 times.

Other things that relate to this. Turkmenistan Iraq Kurd Kurdish (KURD SOMETHING GODDAMN KURDS)
A Turkmen is a Turkish Tribe, it formed as a special ops groups back in the time where there were castles and stuff, they were used to kill Christians trying to take over Muslim run terrority, they later evolved in to a culture and spread all over the world, Turkmen are now over 23 million spread out all over the world, THATS LIKE CANADA!!!
by Erol Ali THE TURKMEN REP July 03, 2006
Turkman is race that live in the middle east (north Iraq, Iran, and in south Russia) the ones from north Iraq they are originally Kurdish, who was working for the Turkish that occupied Iraq in the early 1900's. Their higher points they have great food and very kind people, oh and their dialect is some-what different then Turkish.
turkman lives in kurdistan of iraq in kirkuk and around it and few in erbil and mousl
by araz March 25, 2008
A man who is Turkish and very lazy and plays video games, smells like BO and mooches off his friends.
"Wanna hit up turkman to chill?" "Nah dude he's too busy doing nothing"
by Thetrollsofcompton March 21, 2016
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