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The half a scrotum that hangs out when a man wears woman's panties.
Dick Tracy's turkle was visible to everyone in the circle.
by Duke-of-hurl-69 July 13, 2010
A turtle that was raised by a turkey that has a mental disease.
Zookeeper1: you see that turtle
Zookeeper2: ya it looks like a

Zookeeper1:that's what I was

by turkliodboy1 January 24, 2014
Verb: To use technology to communicate, especially in a superficial or disingenuous way.
It's rude to turkle during a conversation!
Hold, someone is turkling me.
by allthehampsters December 30, 2011
noun; a small, oval-shaped or circular sticker found on fruit or vegetables, such as apples or oranges.
"Hey, where'd you get your turkle?"

I took it off the fruit we had with lunch.
by Nox! August 01, 2010
A hand bag made out of the skin of a female with the age of 59 or older.
"Is that bag turkle?"
"No I think it's asian fetus..."
"It does seem to be lacking wrinkles..."


"I keep my most prized possessions in the turkle"
by Jebus715 January 24, 2012
1. A term of endearment referring to any attractive, blonde, teenage girl.
2. The end result after getting things "turkulated".
3. Catherine Heidi Guthrie
lets go watch half baked with turkle.
by TUHR-kull July 04, 2003
Genetic mutation, thankfully sterile (see shooting blanks), of a male turkey mixed with a female turtle.

Relatively short life due to inability to walk on skinny turkey legs while carrying weight of shell.
None living, search internet for reference.
by MadScientist March 23, 2005
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