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Having anal sex. Originated from the fact that in order to remain in their virginity, unmarried women in muslim countraies have only oral or anal sex.
guy1: ya know, that bitch never got her cherry popped.
guy2: naaa...
giy1: yep, she's only doing it turkish
by bajoom July 31, 2005
to say some thing dirty not neccercerily in a sex way
"ive got something realy turkish to tell you"
A native of turkey that doesnt leave turkey i mean cmon whens the last time you saw a turkish person in USA. Someone that likes to hide in a country that is 53% gay which has gone down since 1978 by 4%(discovery ch).A turkish person is a mix of muslim,black,jewish.Is not good friends with their neigbors escpially Greece. Greece has been known to have many wars with Turkey.Turkish women are some of the ugliest people on earth(international magazine).Turkish are ranked second for smallest penis's next to china(Interesting facts of countries).
That person is Turkish.
by Dasachooya June 08, 2006
A dirty, smelly, khashish-sniffing, ass-wiping,
The Turkish army came to my country during the night and slit the throtes of all the men, and exiled everyone until there was no rememberence of us, the Pontian Greeks.
by Greek Refugee November 01, 2005