a girl who is extremely beautiful with an amazing smile. someone who can make you happy even when you sad. someone who can make you smile no matter what. someone who is perfect in everway and it would be impossible to live without. the most beautiful and gorgeus girl in the world. some one you love and always will no matter what no matt who no matter when. the love of your life.
Elif Ozgul is turkish.
by Matt Yeoman March 04, 2007
A character from the movie "Snatch"-Played by actor Jason Flaming- He is also the narrator of the film,he has an assistant that 's called Tommy "Da Tit" and the toughest motherfucker in the movie-quite a wierd name for a guy huh...
Turkish:"what's up with those sausagges Charlie?"
Charlie:"Five minutes,Turkish"

Man that Turkish bloke rulz!
by Benny D1 March 20, 2007
1. Related to the ancient Hittites of Anatolia.
2. No relation whatsover to Greek or Armenian pieces of shit.
3. A person who comes from the country Turkey, pronounced Turkiye in Turkish language.
4. Born to hate Greek and Armenian pieces of shit with a passion.
5. Even though the country of Turkey has a screwed up ultra-nationalist government, the people are very freindly and especially nice to the tourists.
6. Most Turks have very dark brown skin color and look like Persians Arabs or Kurds. But if you go to Trabzon or Giresun (North-East Black Sea Region), people can pass for Romanian, Polish, German or Scandinavian. Or if you go to any South-Western citys like Izmir or Antalya, you look Italian or Spaniard.
7. Most beautiful women on the face of the earth.
8. Also a country that is home to a very technologically advanced army and home to a country that has the balls to defeat enemys.
9. A country that has many beautiful sights, many beautiful places to visit and much more!
10. Turkish immigrants, especially ones in Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK tend to live in humongous houses, own very expensive cars and have many oriental rugs and carpets in their houses.
11. The race of people that ruled an empire from Siberia to Europe.
12. A culture known for being very strong, resilient, hardworking, and have been known to victoriously defeat all their enemys and haters.
13. A culture that has been exaggeratively accused for things that they havent even done by false propagandist, but in reality the neighbors backstabbed them (LIKE FUCKING GREEKS AND ARMENIANS!) (NOW THE KURDISH SEPERATISTS TOO.)
14. Also, the Turkish people have been welcoming to all the people in their country and actually are known to be the most welcoming to tourists in their country and enemies like to act as if everyone hates and disrespects Turks.
15. Actually, in reality, people who visits Turkey say they love Turkish people and culture actually!
16. The country Turkey, as pronounced Turkiye in the Turkish language, was founded by a very brave man by the name of MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK and this man had the guts to fight against the enemys (Greeks,Armenians) who tried to destroy the potential enemys and Mr. Mustafa Kemal had the guts to get his armys to defeat the Greeks and Armenians.
17. General, a culture that is lovely in every sense and if you visit the country for a month to two months, you wouldn't want to leave, seriously.
As Joe said, " I have been to that country and Turkiye has the most beautiful beaches, the best food/cuisine ever, the most beautiful women you have ever seen, the most beautiful culture, the most welcoming country and the most unique place on the face of the earth, man I am jealous of those Turkish people, seriously! "
by LONG LIVE THE SOULS OF TURKS January 23, 2007
Adj.) White, puffy, massive, huge, voluminous, creamy, regal.

Noun.) Smoking material or paraphernalia of excellent quality, or known for producing turkish clouds.

Generally used to describe ideal huge, white, puffy smoke from any waterpipe, cigar, cigarette, spliff, or anything else you smoke.
1.) "Dude. That pipe hits f*cking turkish, man."
2.) "Yo. Check this out. This shit is turkish."
3.) "That weed is turkish."
4.) (Guy exhales from Hookah) "Pure turkish. No Doubt." (Passes hose)
5.) "Dude, do you remember when we first bought that bong? It gave real turkish clouds. Good times."
by Fotzengeil April 05, 2010
I'm terribly sorry-the actor that plays turkish is Jason Stathem,not Jason Flaming.Flaming plays Turkishes helper-"Tommy Da Tit"
-Hey mate,have u seen "Snatch"-Jason Flaming plays that guy,"Turkish" and he rocks!!!

-"Benny u're such a retard!-his name is Jason Stathem,not Flaming!"
by Benny D1 March 26, 2007
A Shite. from Turkish Delight. (See Also Barry White)
Please pass me the Newspaper dear, I'm off for one helluva Turkish and may be some time.
by Mach1ne July 12, 2007
A people known for colonization and genocide, even though they act like no genocide of Armenians has ever happened. They have strong anti-Arab and anti-Muslim feelings even though they're (nonpracticing) Muslims themselves.
They usually long for their lost great civilisation, and feel that Arabs are the source of the shit that has happened to them (although to a lesser extent than persians).
They're known of being a great colonial power in the past, but now they're just a shitty little country begging to be in EU.
Turkish people are not actually Muslims, the average American is more Muslim than them.
by HBZ55 August 04, 2009

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