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After a rather violent bout of laxitive fueled anal penetration, partner A removes the feces covered semen filled condom from the still engorged member of partner B. Upon removal, the condom is inflated by mouth and popped. Hilarity ensues
Ben pulled out of Jerry who, much like a flash of lightning, spun to retrieve the spent condom, blew it up, and popped that turkish pinata all over his bearded ice cream face.
by *samIam* January 03, 2008
The act of hog-tying a naked female, hanging her from the ceiling, and allowing the party goers to take their turn porking her.
Uncle Fredo's party was a snore until he suggested that we ressurect a tradition from the "old country", the turkish pinata. Nobody left unsatisified.
by Motown Dirty Brown July 20, 2005

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